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Thread: New Epson Scan 2 64 bit For MAC OSX Catalina

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    New Epson Scan 2 64 bit For MAC OSX Catalina

    Having just upgraded to MAC OSX Catalina, I have installed the new Epson Scan 64 bit software.
    First thoughts of the program is "it's horrible"....

    It's slow and unresponsive compared to the older 32 bit version.
    Has anyone else tried it on the new Mac OSX and what's your view ?

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    Re: New Epson Scan 2 64 bit For MAC OSX Catalina

    I have not upgraded yet, but tried out the Epson Scan "2" software and have to agree.

    At first, I got excited by an updated interface, a bit cleaner looking... and really love that you can do a customized file naming system, that helps a lot so I don't have to rename all my files post-scanning.

    However, being someone who does their color correction using the histogram, I've encountered a major issue. Generally, what I always do is go into the "All" histogram channel, use the black picker on the film base, bring the white point near the edge of the histogram and adjust the mid point to where I like it. Then I go into each R, G and B channels and adjust the color to how I like it. Most times, I return to the "All" channel to touch-up on the exposure at the end. In Epson Scan "1" software, adjusting the "All" histogram channel proportionately moves the individual RGB channels, so that your color adjustments are preserved. In Epson Scan "2" software, adjusting the "All" channel sets the individually RGB channels to a matching value, destroying any color adjustments you've made. Below is an example to make clear.

    Initial Adjustment
    A 70 1.25 177
    R 65 1.23 158
    G 70 1.13 178
    B 76 1.20 185

    Epson Scan 1
    A 70 1.08 178
    R 65 1.12 162
    G 70 1.02 182
    B 76 1.10 189

    Epson Scan 2
    A 70 1.08 178
    R 70 1.08 178
    G 70 1.08 178
    B 70 1.08 178

    If anyone color corrects their photos with the histogram other than switching software or not updating, would love to hear as well! Also, I did submit a support request to epson and await their response. Hopefully they have some insight besides "try unplugging and replugging the scanner back in."

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