I work professional with 4x5 since many years and do maybe anywhere between 50-300 sheets a month. Color negatives C41 (only kodak 160).

Now I am about to move to a city that where the last pro lab closed down a few years ago. So far Ive always used a professional lab for developing the film. But now I will have to rely on sending the exposed film to another city. And that's just to slow, expensive and especially unsafe.

However I do have space in my new studio for a darkroom and I am contemplating if I should start doing my own developing. Not that I want to but out of desperation.

Can anyone give a advice how to do that. I would prefer to have a automatic developer for 4x5s. Maybe a drying cabinet. Price is not really a issue. I just want something easy, efficient and safe...

So tips on machines, equipment, and how to manage the fluids. What would the costs be vs a professional lab and so... Any advice is appreciated.

And no, digital is not a option. I already have a full Phase one, linhof techno setup, and I don't enjoy it at all. Totally wrong for me. Rather not be a photographer then.