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Thread: Looking for Lab for Lambda Print, 60"

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    Re: Looking for Lab for Lambda Print, 60"

    Quote Originally Posted by Corran View Post
    If you want to argue this, please use the appropriate subforum.
    You can also get great results with Chromira printers for your purpose if inkjet or Cprint... if you are looking for Silver... Digital Silver Imaging is near you ... I only use my Lambda for Black and White and today the Durst techs are dismantling it to move to my new location, I would be up and running in November for silver murals.

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    Re: Looking for Lab for Lambda Print, 60"

    Thanks Bob. I've talked to the guys at DSI at tradeshows and I love the results seen in-person.
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    Re: Looking for Lab for Lambda Print, 60"

    I've made digital C-prints on ZBE Chromira 50" LED printers for several years and can confirm that there are many issues trying to get neutral B&W output with them. I suspect that you would find similar results with Lambda or OcÚ printers. There just always seems to be a minor cast no matter how good your profile, calibration, and chemical QC might be. Your best bet, in my opinion, would be a laser-exposed silver gelatin print from a lab like Griffin Editions or Digital Silver Imaging (DSI) as mentioned above. If you really want to try it as an RA4 print, Laumont and Duggal in NYC both make excellent digital C-prints up to 72x120" on OcÚ 500XL lightjet printers.
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