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Thread: Backpack for Hiking with an 11x14 View Camera

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    Re: Backpack for Hiking with an 11x14 View Camera

    Very envious of your ULF adventures up there--lots to look forward to, I'm sure.

    If for some reason you find yourself in need of a bit more in the way of suspension, I'll throw this pack in the mix:
    Basically, you could use the Granite Gear pack like an f-stop ICU in the HPG's strap-harness, and then probably find a way to attach a couple of more pouches to hold FAK's and whatever snivel gear you like to take with you. I've owned several HPG packs over the years and have found them exceptionally well thought out, the shoulder harness and hipbelt especially. (That their stays are soft enough aluminum that you can customize them to your lumbar curve can be a valuable feature as well.)

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    Re: Backpack for Hiking with an 11x14 View Camera

    The Granite Gear pack is nice -- just not built for tall people. Still usuable.
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    Re: Backpack for Hiking with an 11x14 View Camera

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn View Post
    just not built for tall people
    The HPG Decker pack I linked to has 24" stays--my previous HPG pack had the same suspension, but didn't give me a lot of shoulder-lift (but IIRC I've got a few inches on Vaughn) which is the reason I went with their taller model once it came out a few years ago. I will say that having a well-tuned suspension--which for me means having the load-lifter straps tensioning the stays a bit and coming down off the top of them at a ~30-35 degree angle--really affects the perceived weight of the load.

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