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Thread: Tripod part???

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    Tripod part???


    I have no idea what it is. Somebody know what it is used for, please share. See the photo:
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    Re: Tripod part???

    Yes, a tripod part. It is an adapter, each end has one of the two standard sizes of screw/threads used these days. The smaller is common on almost all 35mm and medium format cameras. My Rolleiflex and Rolleicords have the larger, but have reducers in them to match the smaller. LF cameras usually have the larger screw/thread size. So you might see one of these adapters on a tripod head so that cameras that use either size screw/tread size can be attached. The other place one might see them is inbetween the tripod and the head...tripods usually are the larger, and heads can be either size.

    The photo shows some wear-and-tear below the smaller end and none around the larger end -- the marks are most likely from the clamping device (set screw, etc) to hold the adapter solidly onto the head. Depending on what size one needs, one loosens the clamp, flips the adapter over and clamps it down again. Then screws the camera on.

    It might be specific to a brand/model of tripod and/or head.
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    Re: Tripod part???

    It is a stud or spigot that goes on the top of a light stand. It's screwed or clamped in place and things (lights, etc) are screwed or clamped onto the top part. Here's one listed as "double ended spigot":

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    Re: Tripod part???

    that is a stud for a bogen / Matthews super clamp..with a tripod screw top

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    Re: Tripod part???

    Fit's many things, called a Baby Double-ended Spigot, everybody needs more than one.

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