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Thread: Does Xtol expire

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    Does Xtol expire

    Hi Folks,
    I found a bag of Xtol, actually two bags A&B that mix together to make five liters. I think I bought it around 2010 along with some Rapid fix. Do you think it may still be good. I most likely mix it then give it a try but thought the experts might chime in with a bit of empirical wisdom.
    Cheers Richard

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    Eric Woodbury
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    Re: Does Xtol expire

    Just try it. I make 5 liter batches and store it in 500cc bottles. I test each one before I use it. Never had a bad one.

    Given how you haven't mixed the dry chemicals yet, it should be fine.

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    Re: Does Xtol expire

    There should not be a problem unless there are pin holes in the packaging, as with any photochemical. Mix it and try it. I make 5 liters and store it in 1 liter containers which I can squeeze out the air.
    Nothing beats a great piece of glass!

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    Re: Does Xtol expire

    I’ll give it a try Eric...I sure won’t throw it away.
    Thanks and cheers,Richard

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    Re: Does Xtol expire

    I've used some pretty old bags, probably just fine. Always a good idea to develop a not so important bit of film to double check.

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    Re: Does Xtol expire

    Roger that!

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    Re: Does Xtol expire

    "You can check developer with a drop test.

    Take a 35mm film end and, lights open, let fall a drop of developer every minute , one at the side of the other for total say 12min, then fix also open lights, you obtain a scale of densities, compare result with another test made with fresh developer.

    This test checks strength, but not fog. You may want to also check fog... so develop (in darkness, this time) a piece of unexposed film (say 1cm) in the fresh developer and another piece in the developer you want to check, then compare densities.

    If fog is similar then you may (if necessary) make a development time adjustment based on the drop test. Of course, if the adjusment is not slight I would not use that developer."

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    Re: Does Xtol expire

    Pere, thanks for that simple appearing test.
    Cheers Richard

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