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Thread: Projector lenses on 4x5 ?

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    Projector lenses on 4x5 ?

    Any one shooting projector lenses on 4x5? I just received a Buhl 7.5 in f3.7 to try on my Pacemaker Graphic. I hope it may cover, but if not, it may be fun to shoot anyhow. I guess I will use the lens cap for a shutter. Fun! Thanks.

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    Re: Projector lenses on 4x5 ?

    Sure. I can't remember which, but it was probably a Buhl. It certainly worked, but not well enough for me to put time into making a truly usable setup.

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    Re: Projector lenses on 4x5 ?

    Jimbo, I take it that your Graphic is a Crown. Get a Speed, ideally a Pacemaker Speed. If you're going to use Graphics, you really need one of each. The Crown for short lenses, the Speed for longer lenses than the Crown will take and for lenses in barrel.

    So you'll know, I took my own advice quite a while ago, have a Pacemaker Speed, a couple of Crowns (I bought one for its lens, which I don't like and won't use, the other for parts and then realized it was too good to part out), and a Century. All 2x3.

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    Re: Projector lenses on 4x5 ?

    Have and use an 8.5" f/3.4 Buhl and a 9.0" f/2.5 Buhl projector lenses on my whole plate. They are fun optics to use. Problem is that they project too much light and require the use of shutter speeds of 1/500 and faster. I use ND filters to cut the exposure times down to a useable 1/2 sec or longer. Bokeh is nowhere near (I mean not even close to) that of a classic Petzval lens. Did know of another photographer that adapted a waterhouse f/stop to his Buhl, and his images went from being "too soft in focus" as he put it to a pleasantly soft focus optic... thinking of doing that to my 2 Buhl projector lenses or taking them apart and rearranging the elements. My (educated) guess is that your 7.5" will definitely cover 4x5. Good luck.

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    Re: Projector lenses on 4x5 ?

    I have a Buhl 177.8 f/2.5 lens I occasionally use on my Speed Graphic. Flare can be an issue in bright sun, but it works well for portraits.


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