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Thread: Is This Art?

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    Re: Is This Art?

    Pretty much anything anyone labels as art is art. Try thinking of something that absolutely cannot be art.

    But that nagging question remains... is it good art?
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    Re: Is This Art?

    In all seriousness...

    I don't know if its art or not, but I do know that Nigel Poor and her work at San Quentin has done more for improving humanity and making the world a better place than any photograph that I will ever take.

    Is it art? Maybe.

    Is it good art? I have no idea.

    Is it good? Without a doubt, yes.

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    Re: Is This Art?

    oh... that's good stuff

    some kooky university / art major language... but that can be ignored

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    Re: Is This Art?

    Nice Art.


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