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Thread: Lightweight 4x5 Rangefinder camera build (Polaroid Mod)

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    Re: Lightweight 4x5 Rangefinder camera build (Polaroid Mod)

    Just got another question I forgot to ask the first time: how did you put a ground glass in place to set up the rangefinder?

    For my fixed focus camera I put the lens on the Wista, focused to the hyperfocal and then measured to the ground glass. Then machined the cone to have that distance. But this doesn't really work for to set up a rangefinder.
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    Re: Lightweight 4x5 Rangefinder camera build (Polaroid Mod)

    I found a file on Thingiverse for a removable ground glass. It's perfect for lightweight cameras like this one where I may want a ground glass once in a blue moon.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I did this years ago and I just checked its still up, here is the link:

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