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Thread: Gitzo 1349 Mountaineer Sticky Leg

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Gitzo 1349 Mountaineer Sticky Leg

    You can use a white lithium or Teflon powder, available as a dry spray lubricant where the aerosol solvent almost immediately dries. Don't use lithium grease or any other grease, as it might trap grit or fine sand.

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    Re: Gitzo 1349 Mountaineer Sticky Leg

    Update on my Gitzo 1349 tripod sticky leg issue.

    I ordered a set of the replacement black plastic collars from Manfrotto/Gitzo and after unscrewing and rotating out the receiving tube the violating member I was able to replace these two plastic collars and amazingly, the tripod is as good as new. Something must have caused the plastic collar to do something it was not supposed to do. In any event I am glad that I have a set of these plastic collars in reserve should another sticky issue with a leg pop up again. Now I know how to deal with it.


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