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Thread: Professional Photo Lab anywhere in Europe

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    Re: Professional Photo Lab anywhere in Europe

    Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for your help again! Location-wise I don't live in Venice anymore (but I did when we were in contact last time about Arca Swiss). Meanwhile I moved a bit further south to Malta


    Quote Originally Posted by Emmanuel BIGLER View Post
    Hello from Besanšon, France!

    I'm regularly using the services of the French lab PHOTON PRO located in Toulouse, France.

    They do process 8x10" [20x25 cm] film for E6 colour slides and C41 colour negs, but as far as B&W is concerned, on their web site, they only mention: manual processing up to the 4x5" format.

    I have also used in the past on a regular basis, the excellent services of the German lab PHOTO STUDIO 13 located near Stuttgart. It was for 35-mm and 120 processing [they do process B&W slides e.g. Agfa Scala and current equivalent B&W films suitable for reversal].

    Their web site mentions for both colour and B&W processing what we call "Planfilm" in French and German, but no mention of the maximum size.

    Since I mentioned B&W slides processed by PHOTO STUDIO 13 in Germany, and since you live in Venice (** note 1), may be you should also contact Agenzia Luce in Trieste; in the past they offered reversal processing of B&W slides. Not sure it they continue to offer this service, though.

    (** note 1) Not far from where I live there is a village named Venise (A variant of Paris, Texas, USA.)

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    Re: Professional Photo Lab anywhere in Europe

    Kuvalaboratorio Harju in Finland process and digitize films up to 8x10 inch > translated by google >

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