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Thread: New Carleton Watkins Book

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    Re: New Carleton Watkins Book

    Flooding inland was routine. My father was one of the people in charge of the Central Valley Project that put in the first flood-control/ irrigation-storage dams. But every so often, they still overflow and submerge vast tracts of of old floodplain and river bottom land, along with the idiotic subdivisions built on them. Just crossing the Central Valley was a chore none of us today can appreciate, involving multiple ferry services across the rivers and swamps. Yosemite Valley is a bit unusual compared to the other big glacial valleys in the Sierra in that it was relatively accessible and long-inhabited. But getting all of Watkin's gear into there would have been quite a chore. Even with all the mildew foxing on many of his old original abumen prints, they still hold an amazing degree of impact. His printmaking skills were top notch.

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    Re: New Carleton Watkins Book

    Another tome, I must buy!

    608 pages
    9 3/4 x 12 1/2 inches
    1,351 duotone images
    ISBN 978-1-60606-005-6

    New, used and Getty issue are all about the same price, one lens...

    Thanks for the suggestion

    Quote Originally Posted by tgtaylor View Post
    This book is a great read! To supplement it I ordered Carleton Watkins:The Complete Mammoth Photographs and a better quality 100mm 5x magnifying glass from Amazon to better view the reproductions which are excellent.

    According to Green, Watkins printed the negatives from his first trip to Yosemite in January, 1862 during "...the worst weather that San Francisco had seen in its fourteen American years. It rained, sometimes two and three inches a day. It was cold, so cold that snow turned Mount Diablo...bright white." "There is a great flood in the interior {of the state]" Thomas Starr King wrote to a friend in New York, "California is a lake. Rats, squirrels, locusts...and other pests are drowned out..." So it would appear that Watkins printed under cloud cover which requires a longer exposure time but allows for the greater definition that Watkin's prints exhibit.

    sin eater

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