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Thread: New Windows app for calibrating digital negatives

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    New Windows app for calibrating digital negatives

    I just released a new standalone Windows version of my macOS app for making digital negatives. It does a lot more than the standard QTR calibration tools and my previous spreadsheet tools. (if you have the spreadsheet version you should have received an email with a discounted upgrade code. )

    There are starter curves for Platinum/Palladium, Carbon, and now Lodima Silver-Chloride Contact Paper and Ilford Multigrade. The PtPd curve is really flexible and can be used for nearly every process with an easy adjustment.

    The linearization tools are really where it is at though. It will open measurement files directly without needing to copy and paste, and there are dual smoothing controls. The output curve can be mapped to different tonal scales to get a better screen to print match, and the curves are graphed and linearized in real-time.

    It is a fully native Windows version that is really similar to the native macOS app that I released last year. I am working on the version for positive prints for next.

    It seems to work best with windows 10, but is fine with windows 7 if you are updated to their latest service pack and .net frameworks.

    You can find out more info about here:

    And get an installer that will run in demo mode here:
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    Re: New Windows app for calibrating digital negatives

    I bought it and hope to use it soon. I'm happy the Excel is no longer needed.
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