I've been asking questions about 40 x 50 inch prints and it got me thinking: I've never printed anything near that big. Once, while in high school, I printed a 32 x 40 with 4 sheets of 16 x20. That was so long ago it doesn't count. Now I mostly use 8x10 paper. Was a time when it was mostly 11x14, but I don't have the storage room or wall space any more. I still print a little 16x20. Recently inherited another 20x24 tray, so I guess I could do that, but that's the biggest thing my darkroom would handle and it would be painful.

Beginning of this year I bought a thousand sheets 8x10, 100 sheets 11x14, and 50 sheets 16x20. It should last me a few more seasons.

What sizes do you like? What dominates your easel? What's the biggest?