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Thread: Tachihara replacement screws?

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    Tachihara replacement screws?

    Does anybody know where I can get any replacement screws for my Tachihara? I need 3 just the same as the one pictured. I checked local hardware stores with no luck finding one so small. They do seem to be a #0 in size. Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Tachihara replacement screws?

    I was going to suggest McMaster Carr, but it looks like they don't have size #0 for their decorative rounded wood screws...

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    Re: Tachihara replacement screws?


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    Re: Tachihara replacement screws?

    You may also go to the ACE hardware store near you. It has a small section displaying small screws and nuts. Bring yours and matching the close one you like.

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    Re: Tachihara replacement screws?

    Do a search for “#0 round head brass wood screws” on Ebay and you should be able to find what you’re looking for.


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    Re: Tachihara replacement screws?

    Thanks for the suggestions, I found a few options online but they seemed to be all brass. My original screw looks like itís a polished steel, any way to make the brass look like that to be more uniform?
    I found some black oxidized steel screws also, is that an option to remove the oxidation on the screw head?

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