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Thread: Jobo - what I've learned the hard way

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    Jobo - what I've learned the hard way

    Here's what I've learned the hard way about my new CPP-2...

    1. Three rolls of 35mm to develop. Hmm these 2502 reels are hard to load; should have practiced first. No problem; I'll just drop this roll in the tank, put the lid on, then practice with a roll of old film. Got things figured out, turn out the lights, load the film, turn on lights & process. Done. First roll looks good, ditto 2nd roll. Third roll!?!?! What the heck??? OOPS! If you don't put the core tube in the tank, it's NOT light tight! I didn't put it in when I dropped that roll in so I could practice with the reels. I did use it when I loaded the reels.

    2. Eight sheets of 4x5 VC-160 to process. Start loading the 3010 drum. Hmm, loading the expert drum is easier than I thought. Ok, on the processor, run it for the 5 minute preheat & pour in the developer. Put the developer bottle under the drain hose. Developer's done, tip the drum up & drain it. Pour in the Blix. OOPS!! I momentarily forgot that the manual said a small amount of chemincal WILL come out the drain when filling the tank. Lunge for the drain hose & watch blix drip into the developer. Good thing I've still got 1/2 of that 5 liter kit left.

    Dumb mistakes aside, I really like the Jobo so far. Did 6 sheets of FP-4 in Pyrocat-HD & they look fine. very even development. C-41 negs look good too. For years I've used a tempering bath for color chemicals & either Nikor tanks or Combu-Plan tanks. The Jobo is WAY easier.

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    Jobo - what I've learned the hard way

    watch blix drip into the developer

    That is truly one of the more annoying things about the lift...I guess they couldn't design it to seal off the drain when the lift is in the down position. I think this happens because the air being displaced by the liquid going in bubbles up and pushes some liquid into the drain hose. If you pour slowly, you can sometimes avoid this, but I've taken to moving the just-emptied bottle out of the way.

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    Jobo - what I've learned the hard way

    With my Jobo i use a plastic 5 gal gas can for the drain hose, as i don't resue the chemistry

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