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Thread: Straight Edges

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    Re: Straight Edges

    I've cut hundreds of mattes over the years and my straight edge, about 4 feet long, is a piece of aluminium extrusion I found on an abandoned building site. It was probably part of a window frame. The only modification I did was to put masking tape on the underside so it would not slip on or mark matte board.
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    Re: Straight Edges

    How accurate do you want? The longer they are the more likely they will flex regardless of how straight when not loaded up. Speaking as an engineer of course.

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    Re: Straight Edges

    Friend of mine uses one of these to trim large(40"+) prints(mostly inkjets) and he has been entirely happy.
    I am considering one myself, after giving his a try this past month while visiting him at his new studio.

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    Re: Straight Edges

    The notion of spending significant sums of money for a true machinist's edge and then potentially ruining it with a knife seems ridiculous. The real deal - made from precision steel bar - has to be kept oiled or it rusts. You don't need accuracy within a few thousands of an inch. Your board will change dimension far more than that within half an hour just due to ambient humidity fluctuations. Phenolic is NOT itself dimensionally stable and will warp. Best, take that money and get a serious linear matcutter and calibrate it properly. No mere straightedge system is comparable in utility. Museum board is itself rather expensive, so mis-cuts will add up quickly. But if you simply must have a straightedge, look for a used draftsman's stainless steel one, from back when such things were routine. The current art store versions are pathetic. Aluminum bars get nicks and so forth in them rather easily. But lumberyards and woodworking suppliers like Rockler sell extruded aluminum straightedges for modest prices.

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    Re: Straight Edges

    Maybe something like this.


    LOL, saw Daniel's post right after I posted this.

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