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Thread: My office build

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    My office build

    Air purifier, humidifier, antistatic fan and gun, etc. Since we are selling and building new home, not making any more improvements on this. Next house this room will be a real clean room. A o far it appears dust levels on negatives for scanning are way down. Now I can concentrate on testing film, and producing good images to print/scan at the camera. All ancillaries taken care of or at least a good portion. So I can concentrate on the image and not the other stuff.

    The pano scan of desk is bad. Ipad blew it. Desk is not really All bent and such.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails C2AA4C4C-0550-46B7-A059-F7AAF9A758E6.jpg   09308E65-2C2D-4A10-BE9A-6D8D2C9BDF11.jpg   724C147B-3BE4-44C9-B509-CC5B4B7D5F2F.jpg  

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