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Thread: Heading to Vermont soon...

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    Re: Heading to Vermont soon...

    If you pass through southern Vermont during your trip, check out the Vermont center for photography, they’re in Brattleboro, and are mainly a small gallery, which isn’t too special, but they also have a small thrift store that sells only used camera equipment. I’ve found a lot of interesting pieces there, and you can’t beat their prices, though I usually just go to look at old equipment. Due to it not being in high demand, they usually have a decent selection of large format stuff

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    Re: Heading to Vermont soon...

    Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions! We hit Texas (why Texas?) falls, both Moss Glen falls, Sterling Gorge falls, had lunch at Doc Ponds (4th anniversary party underway), hiked some of the Long Trail, visited the Simon Pearce workshop/restaurant in Quechee. Round barns. much more... And yes- Ben and Jerry's.

    Will definitely return for a more focused visit!

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