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Thread: Heading to Vermont soon...

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    Heading to Vermont soon...

    I'm going to be in mid-Vermont (the Waterbury/Stowe area) for several days next week and would appreciate any don't/can't miss sights, trails, waterfalls, museums, eateries, etc. suggestions.
    I've done some due diligence and have a tentative plan but any ideas the LFP hive-mind can send my way would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Heading to Vermont soon...

    You might contact the husband-wife team who own and operate Vermont Camera Works. They live and work in rural Vermont, and have been in business for decades. And I should add they just did some excellent work for me on an old Nikon F and a Synchro-Compur shutter.

    Keith Fleming

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    Re: Heading to Vermont soon...

    That's a nice area, but there aren't a lot of truly 'can't miss' type things to see/do. Sure, it's pretty and there are some good restaurants, but the main attraction is skiing, and that's so not happening in August.

    The first thing on the list is not-photographic - but you just can't miss the Ben and Jerry's Factory - great factory tour with a sample of the product at the end.

    Of course there is the famous Von Trapp Family Lodge - founded by the family from The Sound of Music.

    When wife and I were last there (about the same time of the year), we encountered a moose on the main road south of Stowe. Probably just coincidence, but in that area, the chances are greater - - -

    Richmond, Vermont - the Round Church. This is one of those old white New England churches that were made famous by photographers such as Paul Wainright, only this one is round rather than rectangular.

    Route 108 - Smuggler's Notch Road - is a narrow, winding road over the mountains northwest of Stowe. Interesting drive - just take it easy - it can be treacherous. When you get to the other side, stop in at Boyden Valley Winery for a tasting.

    Go west from Waterbury to Burlington, and then head south to Shelburn. There is a museum, but my preference is the Shelburn Farm - this was a large private estate that today operates as a demonstration farm. The house is interesting, but for photography, head to the breeding barn. While you are there, be sure to visit the cheese shop.

    Downtown Burlington is nice - pretty college campus.

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    Re: Heading to Vermont soon...

    I would suggest finding a copy of Strand's Time In New England and perusing it to help prepare your mind. Then follow the road less traveled and be ready for whatever presents itself. There are those who proclaim that Vermont is a state of mind. So, as such, specific destinations don't really exist. You just take Vermont on its own terms.

    Be grateful for the old, slow pickup truck in front of you, driven by an even older man wearing a hat. Indy has a pace car. Vermont has a pace pickup truck!

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    Strafford, VT, ca. 1983
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    Re: Heading to Vermont soon...

    I would echo what William said, and find a less traveled area, and just hang out there.

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    Re: Heading to Vermont soon...

    In spite of what I said above, if you find yourself in the vicinity of Norwich, by all means stop in at Dan and Whit's Country Store. You won't regret it!

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    Re: Heading to Vermont soon...

    Quote Originally Posted by Louie Powell View Post
    Go west from Waterbury to Burlington, and then head south to Shelburn. There is a museum...
    The word "museum" doesn't begin to capture what a visit to the Shelburne Museum is like. Imagine a very, very rich collector of exceedingly eclectic taste in folk culture, run amok, with her treasures now scattered around a large campus. You want a sidewheel steamer? Sure, right there in the middle of the lawn. A complete antique post office? Got one of those, over there. Town meeting hall? Check. Doctor's office? Print shop? General store? An actual art gallery or two or three, in the middle of everything else? Antique cars? Yup. Private railroad car? For sure. Countless antique toys... and on and on and on...

    It's a real trip, literally and figuratively. Count on spending a full day, if not two. You'll find surprises at every turn.

    Yeah, Ben and Jerry's is fun too. Also in the tasty department, if you make it into Burlington proper, Lake Champlain Chocolates has a nice mini-tour and explanation of the chocolate-making process. With samples, of course.

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    Re: Heading to Vermont soon...

    I've been photographing in Vermont for maybe 30 or 50 years
    If you can't find anything to photograph it's on you
    Try opening your eyes...get out of the car..find a quiet stream and meditate on that for an hour..
    Check back and let us know if you found anything
    Have a nice trip

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    Re: Heading to Vermont soon...

    Get a DELORME Vermont Atlas and Gazetteer

    Look up Mount Tabor Road. It goes through the Green Mountain Forest. It has streams ,Water falls, Beaver ponds, moose, at the East end is Weston and the general store is great

    Mount Tabor road starts in Danby off of Route 7.
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    Richard T Ritter

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    Re: Heading to Vermont soon...

    If you go into Stowe, Rt 100 goes by Ben and Gerry's, this is always crowded. If you are into beer Alchemist Brewery, also Trap Family Lodge. Rt 108 goes north through the resort and into Mt Mansfield State Forest, there are trails off the road, some going up Mt Mansfield. The finding organized information isn't that easy, there are rocks and waterfalls, some nice hikes. You can drive up Mt Mansfield and hike around the summit.

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