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Thread: And along comes a Bogen!

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    And along comes a Bogen!

    A good friend gave me a really nice, huge snazzy red color Bogen easel he rescued from a dumpster, Everything works as it should but is pretty dusty. Getting it dust free is going to take work since the locking and hinge mechanisms are rather intricate. Robust but intricate.
    I already have one huge Saunders enlarger---aye yi yi, what am I going to do with two large easels?

    Do I really need a spare? Should I give it away and if so, which one---the Saunders or the Bogen? Is one more desireable than the other (I honestly can't tell the difference as both look to be commercial quality. The Saunders was bought for pennies years ago when a pro lab went digital and the dumpster Bogen was from a long unused pro dark room)

    I will continue cleaning the Bogen, trying to get it spic and span. I may give one or the other away, or keep it for a spare although I'm trying to pare things down around here ---and I'm certainly in no danger of actually wearing out an easel.
    It's not for sale as it didn't cost me anything so selling it would be bad form on my part, although to buy a replacement would likely cost serious $$$. I don't know the model of the Bogen other than it is red and the footprint is 18-1/2"x 22-1/2" (Ferrari red? Sure is nice!)

    So my question is what should I do with it? What would you do if someone gave you a spare easel that's too cool to pass up?
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    Re: And along comes a Bogen!

    Store it in the attic in a bag and box after cleaning.

    Any of us could live long enough to need many things again.

    You sure would hate to have to buy another...

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