We flew into and out of Jackson Hole and got home this evening. The trip was great. I want to thank Michael Kadillak and mmerig for their suggestions. Michael the Gallatin Valley is absolutely a beautiful drive with lots to photograph. I think I could spend an entire week there photographing the valley. Sadly, the Beartooth Highway was closed due to snow so that will have to wait for another trip. mmerig, thanks for telling me about Gros Ventre. We drove down it for a few miles from the highway from Jackson but not as far as I would like to have gone. That's another drive I would like to take another time. The trees were just starting to turn and will probably be at their best in about another 5 days. I don't think they will be as spectacular when we were there about a dozen years ago. I went out to the Mormon barns and met another LF photographer named Rick Garfinkle that was from California. I made him a couple of offers to buy his Kodak Master View but he just didn't want to sell it. I told him if I had one I wouldn't sell it either and wished him good light. I have to say when I was working a week's vacation went by fast but being retired now a 10 day trip goes by faster. When we were leaving today my wife said we can't let another dozen years go by before we go back. That sounded promising.