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Thread: Hello from NW Oregon

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    Re: Hello from NW Oregon

    As a matter of fact, I will be in that area tomorrow morning.
    When I don't want to dedicate an entire day to hauling the 4x5 around, that is one of the places I frequent.
    Some day, Some day, I will get a picture of the Bridge i really like (hope springs eternal).

    As a consolation for not getting a great shot, I usually eat at the John St. Cafe, or, the Occidental WurstHaus.
    Makes for a pleasant little diversion.

    Whenever you are planning a trip up, shoot me a pm.

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    Re: Hello from NW Oregon

    Welcome and I myself am new to the PDX area as well! While not only a large format person I do have a lot of past experience with large formats and currently am involved in many new discussions around the medium. It would be great to meet ip with some people for coffee and to talk....about aesthetics, pushing the medium and such......schedule is flexible and I am located in SE area.

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    Re: Hello from NW Oregon

    I have a somewhat flexible schedule as well. I've got a good friend coming to stay with us on Monday and the weekend is busy but Sunday may work for me. Also to those who are new to the area and want to learn more about the area and large format and alternative process printing we are having an Alternative Process Symposium in Astoria Oregon. I highly recommend this and visiting the gallery which is dedicated to photography only. I'll post the link. Some great photographer will be there. Thanks.

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    Re: Hello from NW Oregon

    Quote Originally Posted by NW2Wheeler View Post

    Doremus, the 2Wheels are motorcycles - i have a multiple Italian motorcycle "problem"
    And a Honda, and a Harley (those I don't put in the "problem" category - yet).
    I used to have a Ducati problem, but I'm all better now with a serious Honda problem. But, they do make good photo subjects. If you come this far up the coast, there's lots to shoot here too.

    Click image for larger version. 

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