Over the years have accumulated three "Oscilloscope; optics:
75mm f/1.9 Wollensak-Dumont OSCILLO- ANASTIGMAT in a Alphax... bought it for the Alphax shutter
65mm f/1.0 & 65mm f/0.75 DE QUDE DELFT RAYXAR barrel lenses (for just a few $ couldn't pass them up).
Back focus measured in mm's. Coverage looks to be less that 24mmx36mm but maybe OK at 1:1?

The lens with the Alphax was intended to be used with an optic that I never was able to acquire. The other two optics look impressive but practically are paper weights. Have tried to find a cross sections for the 2 OLD DELFT lenses to see if they contained any convex-concave (double?) meniscus elements in them that could use on LF but dead end. Their construction is that they were never meant to be taken apart. Only way to access an element(s) is to essentially destroy the lenses which I'd have no problem doing if I knew they contained a lens element that I could use.

Have seen custom adaptions of similar optics for use on small digital format cameras, but don't own and most probably never will own a small digital format camera that takes interchangeable lenses. So... what to do with these lenses? Very open up to serious suggestions (please leave out for using them as paper weights). Tried using them as macro lenses with their nil depth-of-field on my FX camera, works but of little interest to me.