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Thread: GMT ZULU Time

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    Re: GMT ZULU Time

    Been using WWV since 1962. Their mission has expanded to MARS and DoD.
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    Re: GMT ZULU Time

    [QUOTE=Duolab123;1512299 Daylight savings time is the silliest concept, IMHO[/QUOTE]

    Outdated perhaps but not silliest, since it had a purpose in the beginning. You might argue that local time [ie village] is better than standard time [ie small country without different geographical time zones ], but in that case any nationally published train timetables, bus timetables or tide times would be erroneous except at the source of the published information.

    Also the length of day light hours varies with the latitude of location. For instance, the equatorial countries have very little variation in length of day light; whereas the high northern and southern latitudes have gross variations in the length of day light. The 'lower 48 states' are at least 10 degrees of latitude further south of where I am located and here the length of day light varies from more that 18 hours to less that 10 hours.


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