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Thread: spooky and other slot canyons

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: spooky and other slot canyons

    That's my opinion too. It's easy to find some little place of your own with nobody else's footprints even in it. But I've also walked a major spectacular canyon for over a week without encountering anyone else. Won't say where.

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    Re: spooky and other slot canyons

    I was warned to stay out of slot canyons as they can fill with rain runoff from nearby mountains on a dry clear day.

    Also don't camp in low spots.

    Don't get stuck in washes ever.

    We just opened a major road that was flooded for 4 months. Now it's full of trees.

    I always camp high. In the early 70's I motorcycle camped on sand beach, Eastern Lake Michigan. Surrounded by big tents and motor homes.

    Huge storm that night. My tiny backpack tent was dry, but by sunrise everybody else had gone. Had that happen often here in Fly Over country,

    Yesterday we had tennis ball size hail 50 miles away.
    Vive la révolution!

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    Re: spooky and other slot canyons

    @Tin Can good tips to really consider. Weather gets crazier and crazier....

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    Re: spooky and other slot canyons

    Once monsoon season is over the danger for flash flooding diminishes considerably. Right now we're in the peak of monsoon season and storms pop up quickly, dump a bunch of rain quickly and then disappear. I never do slot canyons this time of year, and I wouldn't ever go without knowing that there's somebody watching the weather, just in case. One of the biggest reasons that all tours are guided now (to varying degrees) is for safety reasons. Several years ago a group of 7 to 10 tourists were swept away and perished in a flash flood in Antelope. They never knew it was coming.

    That being said, I had a good experience in Canyon X with a 4x5. The pricing was reasonable and they tend to take a hands-off approach and allow you to wander at your own pace. They were pretty liberal with their time keeping as well.

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