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    Re: Mitchell Peak

    Thanks. The article is in error. Mitchell Pk and Jennie Lks Wilderness are in the southern (not Central) Sierra west side. Heading uphill past the Grant Grove road in Sequoia, within about 4 mi there is an exit L. You go past Buck Rock etc to several optional trailheads, including Rowell Mdw. You can think of the Jennie Lks area as either an uncrowded beginner & family backpack destination, or as a quiet back door route into Roaring River, and from there into some of the remotest parts of the high Sierra. Being a front range peak well away from both the Great Western Divide and even higher Sierra Crest, Mitchell Pk & vicinity does provide a sweeping panorama just as the article describes. The Jennie Lks area is rather gentle with some nice meadows and approachable granite outcrops above the lakes, but none of the dramatically sculpted peaks typical of higher parts of the range to the east in King's Can & Sequoia backcountry. I can't enlarge the photo in the article without it getting blocked by junk ads, but it appears to be looking across the canyon of Roaring River toward the Great Western Divide, with Mt Brewer being the highest point. The early Brewer survey party mistakenly thought it was the highest peak in the range, but must have been in for quite a surprise when they got to the top and looked either south toward the Kings-Kern Divide, or northeast to the even higher Palisades. Perhaps some of the Kings-Kern Divide is seen in the picture too, namely Thunder Mtn, but as I said, I can't get a good look without a pop-up.

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