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Thread: Gandolfi GV 54 Variant Screen needed

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    Gandolfi GV 54 Variant Screen needed

    Hi guys,
    I'm hoping someone here can help.
    We (Real Camera Co. Ltd) sold a camera to a guy in Hong Kong and the screen was (sadly) smashed upon arrival...
    In hindsight it's always easy to see it could have / should have been packed separately / better.

    I'm hoping someone might know the compatibility situation for the Gandolfi screen size.
    Is it the same size as another maker? Toyo, Linhof, Wista, etc?

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone.
    Jeremy Kime / Real Camera
    0161 9073236

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    Re: Gandolfi GV 54 Variant Screen needed

    The customer won't measure the appropriate area on the camera for you?
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