Hello everyone.

Ive been a photography enthusiast for about 12 years. I have shot a lot of 35mm, 120/220, and digital.

But then a couple of other cameras have followed me home that are a bit outside of even my own varied wheelhouse.

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The Crown Graphic is in pretty good working shape. I did have the shutter CLAd and Ive gotten a few sheets through it.

The Speed is a much older camera, and still needs some work. I have to admit the Aero Ektar legend is what drew me in, but before you discard me for that hear me out; Id just like to set it up with a nice, fast portrait lens that offers a really signature look. Im not looking for edge to edge sharpness with the SG, not looking for optical perfection or anything.

The Crown Graphic is like to stay configured just as it is. The Optar 4.7/135 suits me just fine. The rangefinder seems to be in good working order. I may even use this handheld on the street.