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Thread: Caribbean photos

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    Caribbean photos


    in few months me and group of my firends are going to Caribbean. Qestion of mine is where do you recomend to shoot ? Of course I know every place, corner or rock there is great but looking for sth unique. We start our journey with a virgin islands and going west.
    Few questions
    - what equipment is woth to take with me
    - what I should care of making a shoots
    - are there any photo workshops fro groups or individual?


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    Re: Caribbean photos

    I shot 4X5 in the VI many years ago with my then new (heavily used) Linhof Technika, and I made the firm decision afterwards NOT to shoot sheet film if I was only going on a short trip!!!

    First, you would have to pack a tripod unless the camera could be hand held... (and using metal pod on a beach or sandy area means sand gets inside and will need to be completely cleaned out...) Then loading film in the changing bag (even in the middle of the night with A/C on, the film became swollen from the humidity, and didn't slide in and out of the holders easily... It was hot under the tropic sun using the focusing cloth and sweat was filling my eyes... Had to do some fast talking to do when I had to go through airport security with boxes of film, my day trip to San Juan PR/Morro Castle was interrupted by a park ranger that assumed that with such a big camera was for professional reasons, and started to write me a ticket until I barely convinced him I was an amateur photographer (I was a pro, but on vacation), and in the end, I shot 2 or 3 dozen sheets that were good, but not life changing...

    My personal rule is now only bring larger cameras for a trip lasting more than a week to 10 days, have an idea of what I would shoot with the bigger camera, do I have enough room for a smaller camera I can easily carry on a morning walk, after lunch/dinner casually, bring all my own film and not try to buy there (I couldn't find any more slide film in San Juan even in true camera shops), and other headaches and nightmares...

    Back to your ???, the beaches beg to be shot in color, the ruins and Morro Castle want B/W, but I strongly recommend shooting roll film or digital if you are just passing through...

    Have a fun trip!!!

    Steve K

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    Re: Caribbean photos

    Take an underwater camera if you plan on snorkeling or diving or parasailing or kayaking etc.

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