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Thread: Chroma Camera..anyone have one.?

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    Re: Chroma Camera..anyone have one.?

    I will wait to read the tests.

    Magnets have become very powerful.
    Vive la révolution!

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    Re: Chroma Camera..anyone have one.?

    I like to know how the camera will behave in very cold weather.
    Richard T Ritter

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    Re: Chroma Camera..anyone have one.?

    Sometimes its nice to have the option of changing back orientation after most if not all movements/focussing has been done - and if magnets are too powerful this could put these movements, and/or camera position (especially with light weight tripod) in jeopardy. Conversely, if magnets are too weak...then there could be some risk of light-admitting back separation while removing/reinserting a dark slide...especially if this slide is less than smooth and/or removal is anything but on axis. Then looks like the design incorporates spacers/wells which might allow for some opposing finger force, which might serve to cancel out otherwise errant forces. Hmmm...

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