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Thread: Prontor magnetic e/100 shutter

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    Re: Prontor magnetic e/100 shutter

    Hello,did you manage to fix it, what is the power supply, how many volts did you use?
    Prontor magnetic e/100 ...

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    Re: Prontor magnetic e/100 shutter

    Hi JoB,

    no i havent. Prontor said they have no info on that product, figure that.

    Running some tests would surely give some answers, but i decided against it due to the time it would require.
    since this shutter is fairly large and heavy (repro camera of some sort), i was also worried about trepidations if mounted to a "flimsy" 10x12 inch camera...

    I have an old bulb type Dallmeyer (4 1/2 inch opening)shutter that i will use, and to accomodate a switch for flash sync isnt really a problem

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