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Thread: New FLM Series II Tripods

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    New FLM Series II Tripods

    Posted with moderator approval.

    Greetings, everybody!

    I've been away for a while, taking a break from photography and honing my carpentry skills. But I still represent FLM ball heads and tripods, and I wanted to let you know about the new Series II tripods.

    We have 3 new tripods on offer: CP30-L4 II, CP34 L4 II and CP38-L4 II; all of them would be ideal for large format photography - especially the latter two.
    The number (30, 34, 38) in the designation refers to the maximum tube diameter (mm); L means Long (longer leg sections).

    The center post has been entirely eliminated, and all three tripods reach a maximum height of 68 inches (173cm).
    You can see specs and other details here:

    The new features include an updated carbon fibre structure (stronger and lighter with increased load capacity), a leaner design resulting in lighter weight and smaller bulk, standard size 3/8" spike feet, 10x carbon tubes, built-in half-bowl (CP34 and CP38), and a greater maximum height.
    The CP34 accepts 75mm bowl accessories, and the CP38 accepts both 75mm (with adapter) and 100mm bowl accessories.

    These “L” (Long) size tripods are only available in North America; the European and Asian markets offer different sizes: medium (M) size and small (S) size, respectively.

    You can order a tripod directly from the linked website and save 15% off the (eventual) store price. My first delivery will be in September.
    If you have any questions, you can post them here, or contact me directly by email: ari @ flmcanada dot com (without the spaces).

    Thank you
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