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Thread: My new 5x7 camera

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    My new 5x7 camera

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    So this is my Agfa Ansco 5X7 camera, which I am trying to put together.

    I have 2 Petvzal Lenses and 1 Schnider 210mm - all of them without a lens board (which is 5.25"X5.25")
    Initially, i got it to start in wetplate photography, but looking at it now, I guess it's in very good shape to ruin it and maybe I will build my own at some point.
    My challenge here is the lack of raw material like chemicals so I will have to do it all from scratch.

    I am looking for a 5X7 enlarger and reading about the BTZS (which I am struggling a bit with it to say the least)

    Any support with any of the above is much appreciated
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    Re: My new 5x7 camera

    I think the lensboards for the 5x7 Agfa-Ansco are similar to the 5.25" lensboards for the 5x7 wood Burke & James. They are not uncommon, and there are e-bay sellers who make them (don't know about international shipping). You could also make one yourself with two layers of plywood each about 1/8" thick. Get a few 5x7 film holders, some film and chemicals, a developing system of your choice (discuss in the developing section of the forum), a sheet of plexiglass, and make contact prints.

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    Re: My new 5x7 camera

    Excellent! Contacts from 5x7 negatives are pretty sweet! They'll keep you busy until you get set up with an enlarger. Fixer (Sodium thiosulfate) is a common chemical used to maintain swimming pools, if that helps.
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    Re: My new 5x7 camera

    This reply will cause a storm but here goes, rather then enlarge with an enlarger try scanning, used to do this when I was shooting 5x7.

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    Re: My new 5x7 camera

    No storm.

    Do whatever you want.

    My last two 5X7 were done 3 ways. Contact, enlarge and scan to print at Sam's Club.

    The scanned prints go to people who will never know the difference. I give those away.

    I can barely tell the difference, said my fading eyeballs...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Stowell View Post
    This reply will cause a storm but here goes, rather then enlarge with an enlarger try scanning, used to do this when I was shooting 5x7.
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    Re: My new 5x7 camera

    I doubt the illustrated 2 Petzvals will cover even 4x5".

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