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Thread: Share your framing of your LF inages

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    Share your framing of your LF inages

    So I'm about to start framing up some ambrotypes and I've been playing around with ways of displaying them, box frames, window mounts, floating etc etc and got me curious I'd love to see how some of you other LFers have gone about framing and presenting your work as I'm sure theres a lot of fine artists in here with good eyes for detail

    show em!

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    Re: Share your framing of your LF inages

    8x10 clear glass ambrotype varnished and stuck in a cheap IKEA frame. I stapled black velvet from the fabric store to the backing board but Iíd like to find some that doesnít have so much texture.

    Iím going to stop using the IKEA frames because they come with a plastic window instead of glass. The plastic will stick to the varnish even after itís cured. Here I have removed it completely and just have the ambrotype exposed to the air which is not ideal.

    Iíd really love to see what people are doing for their 4x5s. Iíve almost abandoned the format because dedicated frames are so expensive and I havenít found a simple way to stick them in a 4x6 frame.

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    Re: Share your framing of your LF inages

    I use 4 ply mat board cut so that the ambrotype rests against the edges, thus keeping it from touching the glass. I use fine textured velvet behind it. I bought the velvet 30-40 years ago and doubt if the same quality can be found today.

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