Hello all,

I will receive a Linhof Technika IV that I want to "restore" a little bit. "Restoring" doesn't mean that I return the camera to "her" original condition. It means maintaining or taking care of the camera,

  • cleaning the surfaces as well as the mechanisms
  • using a very thin layer of vaseline on the focusing rails,
  • stripping down the residues of a third party leather and the leather itself,
  • cleaning the aluminium body under the covers
  • adjusting some things
  • tighten some screws if necessary
  • ...

Now I am asking myself whether and how I should re-leather the camera.

  1. I already know Technikas and I know how they look naked. I think it is not ugly at all. I know there are shims and screws and holes. But sealing them isn't difficult. I could patch some crystal clear scotch tape around the camera.
  2. Another option is sending agent Technika to the headquarter to have a little briefing with "Q".
  3. Third option would be cameraleather.com or another manufacturer. I am not sure wether I should get a laser cut leather or a whole sheet of leather that I cut by myself.
  4. Then there is another question: should I use some kind of light brownish tan leather that fits the grand dame or should I buy a new robe? I admire the strong and fiery brown of an even calf leather ... I think this could be charming in accordance with the brownish hammerite interior of the camera. Over the years the leather would get darker, with the aid of a little bit beeswax.
  5. I also like the look of hammerite. There is a Leica in grey hammerite ...

What do you think? Do you think that re-leathering with an unauthorized third party leather would come up to sacrilege? What do you opt for?