Looks like the 2000 year old question of how to eliminate spherical aberration in camera lenses might actually be solved.

Some of you are good at lens math. What say you?

Looks like this is old news from last year. Well, maybe someone will find it interesting. Has this been reported on LFP.info before? If so I must have missed it.

Published in Applied Optics, they'll let you read the abstract for free anyway.

If you can make a singlet lens that's free of spherical aberration it would seem you could eliminate some elements in a view camera lens, making it sharper, lighter weight, and cheaper. If anyone were still making large format lenses that is. Maybe Cooke will make some just for fun as they have done before.

But even if they did, and this eliminated some of the sharpness problems of shooting wide open, would we? Shoot wide open I mean. Because in LF, there are other reasons to stop down. But more choice would be better than less choice, yes?