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Thread: Recommendations: Add-on pouch for spotmeter?

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    Re: Recommendations: Add-on pouch for spotmeter?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirius Glass View Post
    I got this
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    Call FilmTools and ask them if they have something for you.
    Here is a link to the manufacturers website, they have quite a few different pouches.

    I just ordered one for my Sekonic L508. Not sure if they have anything that would work with you analog Pentax but it might be work inquiring. Looks like a quality US made product.


    Btw, Mr Glass, thanks for posting the link, the timing was perfect. I just returned from vacation with my 4x5 and had been frustrated because of the lack of a good pouch for my meter.

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    Re: Recommendations: Add-on pouch for spotmeter?

    A nice 'fanny pack', and wear that as you would a carpenters belt.

    I'm sure with a little looking at Goodwill or Salvation Army, etc, you can find one that will be rugged enough and well well, for a few bucks.

    It can also hold filters, cable releases, etc, on 'light' outing with LF or other format day trips.


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