Not sure if this should go here, announcements, or resources (Mods if I got it wrong feel free to move).

I've been working on open source web application to help me keep track of film related stuff. Originally it was for making a shot sheet I could print out and file with my negatives and contact sheets, but I soon started to add other fun features for keeping track of film stock, film holders, mixed dev kits (for c-41, e-6, replenishment, etc.), darkroom prints, 4x5 specific features, etc.

It is still rough around the edges in some places, but I think it's good enough for interested folks to use it. Being open source (GPLv3), those in the known can host it on their own (on an Raspberry Pi or some such) but I also made a public version of it available here:

The site is free for anyone to use, I'm not charging for it. If you really like it, donating to the cause is something you can do, but it's not required. I try to go over features as I develop them and you can find videos of some of those features here:

I'd consider folks using it now to be early adopters and one way to help is to give me feedback on what you think works, what doesn't, what could be better, etc. I'm currently working on better form validation and a smoother UI experience by moving from a purely server-side app to one that leverages JavaScript/JQuery. That also sets the foundation for a true mobile app (the webapp works on mobile...ish).

Anyways would love feedback but hopefully some folks find it useful! If not, that's ok too, it's been a tool I use regularly for my work so it met the minimum goals I had for it, but if it can help other folks too, even better!