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Thread: Phorogravure Group ---- NOT FACEBOOK

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    Phorogravure Group ---- NOT FACEBOOK

    If you are interested in joining a photogravure group and hate Facebook, here is the place to go:

    This is a new group for those who refuse to have anything to do with Facebook.

    Practitioners and seekers of all forms of photogravure are welcome. Luddites and argument seekers will be thrown into the street instantly. (And we will keep your hat, out of pure spite!)


    David Kachel
    Author: "21st Century Dry Film Polymer (Direct-to-Plate) Photogravure

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    Re: Phorogravure Group ---- NOT FACEBOOK

    Thank you!

    I will eat raw cockroaches without vinaigrette to avoid FakeBook in any way. It's not easy. I get tricked all the time, then I get a roach and eat it.

    This is my second group after Blind Hams, which I follow to prepare for...
    sin eater

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