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Thread: tray developing: which timer?

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    Re: tray developing: which timer?

    I don't use a timer, but shuffle 6 sheets constantly, slowly. I rotated each cycle by 90 degrees and once i've made a full circle change where I'm grabbing the film from the top. I just count the full cycles and know from habit to always stop at the same spot...

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    Re: tray developing: which timer?

    Although I generally rotary process or process 35mm by hand inversion, I have tray processed film. When I do I set the trays up in a Rubbermaid chemical resistant cart which I use for processing prints. The cart has two shelves and on the lower shelf I place my ET500 enlarger timer and set the illumination level to low. The lower shelf is invisible to the trays on the top but some red light will bounce off the walls which is why I use the low setting although the tray walls will block most if not all of that. I replaced my Greylab 300 with a Greylab 900 timer and would use that as it counts up as well as down.


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