I've recently been working trying to get my father's old Jobo ATL-1 working, (most because I want to develop 4x5 with a 2509n), and I've run into a few difficulties that I'm hoping someone with a working version can help me sort out. He left it sitting outside under a tarp for a few years, and surprisingly it actually starts up and most of the functions work fine despite some sort of animal building a nest in the lower reservoir. I've managed to get it to the point where the CPP2 portion of the device runs as it's supposed to, but I'd love to get the ATL-1 head working too.

The problem that I've discovered is that dripping chemicals eroded an orange plastic cog that lets the outlet pipe position itself properly. I've removed the cog and I'm going to either try to find a replacement or 3D-print one, since it's a relative simple part. The issue I'm having is that the tension spring to the left of the arm and the one inside of the armseem to have sprung loose, and my efforts to get the cog out made the issue a little worse. I'm hoping someone with the same head would be willing to point a camera at the arm assembly and provide me a reference for when I'm ready to reassemble. Any other tips for getting this thing working again would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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