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Thread: Sinar Pan Tilt head from China - Impressed

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    Re: Sinar Pan Tilt head from China - Impressed

    One outstanding question - how long will any owner of this particular Chinese clone use it to a failure point? I think none will. Engineering metrics include anticipated lifetime use.

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    Re: Sinar Pan Tilt head from China - Impressed

    Lots of Chinese clone equipment is classified as disposable. Counterfeit products can be worse. Example: US made commercial Milwaukee drills often lasted over 20 years before needing a repair. But now the company itself is Chinese owned and made, and failures occur within 20 minutes; and much of this newer stuff CAN'T be repaired. I'm still using 30 yr old diecast nail guns; the new melt-cast ones last a few months if you're lucky. I have three old Stanley-Marsh mitre vises; one is probably a hundred years old. But with a bit of minor cleaning, they look and function as if new. For a fourth I got a new Chinese clone, and within a month it had corroded and pieces started falling off. Nothing would tighten correctly either. And that's only about .001% of the examples I could give!

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