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Thread: Focusing Cloth r

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    Re: Focusing Cloth r

    Umm . . .you put it on over your head with your arms in the sleeves, black side out. Arrange you tripod mounted camera and rough focus (extend bellows). Now pull the waist band or the t-shirt over your head to encompass the rear standard. The T-shirt composit is now white-side-out. Cinch the cord and use the loop. You may need to re3move one one or both hands to manipulate the camera controls.

    I recall seeing an ad many years ago for a manufgactured product that worked that weay . . .they even caslled it a :jacket:.
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    Re: Focusing Cloth r

    not exactly a permanent solution and maybe a bit too late for this thread, but I have successfully used a heavy fabric skirt/dress.
    I measured the circumference of my camera back (then a 4x5) and picked up a skirt with a waist of the same measurement. It did the trick for the mean time.

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    Re: Focusing Cloth r

    I purchased a very large black T-shirt last year and have been using it. It's not ideal, and I can never quite decide whether to put the neck hole over my head or over the camera back. When over the head, I have some difficulty finding the bottom shirt edge among the folds to drape over the camera after stepping away, which can be frustrating. A smaller shirt might work better; I'm a light-weight 5'6. I use flip-up magnifiers on my glasses for general focusing, a lupe for fine focus. sometimes I just drape the whole thing over myself, which is easier in some ways, when the ambient light is not too bright, and then am glad for the larger size.

    My dear wife made for me, at my request, a black-and-white cloth of good size, but I have not used it. It's made from rip-stop nylon, which is lightweight and water-resistant. However, static tends to build up, it's a bit too slippery, and the black lets through more light than is often practicable. So, I have stuck with the black T-shirt, for better or worse. I did initially try doubling it with a white one but found it too warm inside. My work is mainly portraits, often indoors, but even these can take some exertion.
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