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Thread: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

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    Re: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

    This is sad news. Although I never met Bruce, for many years I have been treated to his informed thoughts on photography and life. He spoke with honesty, sharing his thoughts with those having a similar love for photography. Bruce will be missed.

    My condolences to his family and friends.

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    Re: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

    I had the honor of knowing Bruce for over ten years, first as a participant in some of the Finely Focused workshops and then in the occasional photo adventures. He was always fun to be around and had a great sense of humor. I learned a great deal about large format photography from him. I will miss him greatly.

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    Re: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

    The last time I spoke with Bruce was at a wonderful gathering at Ted Harris' new studio in Etna, NH. Lots of great folks present with work to share. Richard Ritter with some of his amazing cameras, myself and Gary Sampson each with a cadre of our students in tow. Ted was so very excited about his new place...and I was crushed to get a call from Paul Wainwright just the next day - that Ted had died suddenly in the night.

    (Correction...of course it was at Ted's memorial when I last saw Bruce)

    I did not know Bruce well...but there was something very "zen" about him (and he had a great sense of humor and irony) - but also an underlying intensity that I think revealed something about his complete dedication to his art and craft (and a well honed "BS meter.") And he was indeed both artist and craftsman - knowing well, and sharing in so many ways, that one cannot exist without the other.

    Happy Trails Bruce...we will miss you!
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    Re: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

    Funny, just last night as I always do when using the bathroom,. I grab an old issue of View Camera magazine. In this one was an article by Bruce about his first impression of Richard Ritters new 8x10 camera! I enjoyed his incitfullness and thoughts on Richard's newest creation. I bought one long ago!

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    Re: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

    I will miss Bruce's presence here and his sage advice. May he rest in peace.

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    Re: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

    I'll miss Bruce's posts here, always thoughtful and constructive.

    One consolation – his spirit will live on here, as does the spirit of Ted Harris and many others.

    It's comforting to think that future forum members, who haven't even joined yet, will learn and grow from what Bruce shared, just as the rest of us have.

    A favorite remark by Bruce, from a 2014 thread:

    "1. Before making the picture you have framed, turn around and look behind you. There's probably a better one there.

    2. When you start out photographing for the day, look at your watch, and after exactly 5 minutes, stop and make the best picture that you can, even if it's not wonderful. You'll see more and better pictures for the rest of the day."

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    Re: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

    So very sad to hear.
    Never met him in person, but we had communicated via email.
    He helped me be a better & more committed photographer.
    So sorry I never made it to see him in Maine.
    His thoughts will live within us & his influence will be felt going forward.

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    Re: In Memory of Bruce Barlow

    Evan's message is touching and deep. It reflects well on him and his late father. My condolences to Bruce's friends and loved ones.
    Where are we going?
    And why are we in this handbasket?

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