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Thread: Mysterious petzval lens

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    Mysterious petzval lens

    here some pics of a petzval lens that i found :

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	62784270_2254672617952975_2053497995353128960_o.jpg 
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ID:	192323need Help ! 🙂

    Any information about that lens ?

    Petzval formula
    8cm glass diameter
    Maybe 14cm glass to glass

    first...I was misreading the handwriting name (rear ) and it was not : « Victor Nines 14 R Rambuteau Paris »

    But “victor Ninet “ 🙂

    Obviously I’ll take any further information about Victor Ninet and that lens.

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    Re: Mysterious petzval lens

    Victor Ninet was a french studio photographer and editor, starting his activity in 1847 at 14 Rue Rambuteau, Paris. He was a also a maker and the factory was in the same block.
    Later, this building will be "Hermagis, 18 rue Rambuteau, Paris"
    Victor Ninet is famous for having followed Napoleon III during its trip in Britain in 1858

    I had few years ago one petzval engraved Victor Ninet with its late adress, "Passage des Panoramas", Paris"

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    Re: Mysterious petzval lens

    well there is this from the D'agostini book.

    Most French makers were a lttle slow in adopting Waterhouse slots/stops. It looks like the original sleeve engraving was lost in cutting out the square in the brass sleeve during a later conversion.
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    Re: Mysterious petzval lens

    tank you a lot for these precious informations !

    I try to collect all pieces of the puzzle and i've found this on the web

    So the last address of Ninet's shop seems to be "14 rue rambuteau" in 1859 until 1864

    here screenshots :Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ninet 1958.jpg 
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Name:	ninet 1959.jpg 
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ID:	192373 from national french archives;0
    but i lost his trace in 1865... maybe the year of his death..

    Do you think he made lenses himself .. or hermagis or Lerebours et secretan made it for him ?

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    Re: Mysterious petzval lens

    Yes, I have seen this letter before and some other ones of some interest from the Fox Talbot university archive.

    It does seem that Victor was more interested in the print side of Photography, but he was recorded as being involved in optics well before 1839 and his brother, Alphonse, is also known as an "optics" man.
    The fact that the lens edge is signed makes it very likely that he did prepare the lenses himself. This is in contrast to the mysterious L.F. Colas whose lenses are marked Vallantin.

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    Re: Mysterious petzval lens

    Thank you to all !
    Now I have to cut a lensboard and shoot wetplate with it.
    Maybe it could be a good surprise ... or an overpriced paperweight

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