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Thread: Tripod - Check Luggage?

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    Re: Tripod - Check Luggage?

    The other thing I've done before I got my current tripod case was to buy a tripod bag from B&H and use a heavy cardboard "Sonotube" for making concrete pillars as a liner. You can break a Sonotube, but it'd take a lot of work.

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    Re: Tripod - Check Luggage?

    I have a Feisol 3301 tripod that collapses to 24" without a head. I travel with it in my checked luggage wrapped in clothes and have never had an issue. If you are flying international you should be allowed 2 checked bags maximum weight of 50 lbs. each but check the airline baggage policy.

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    Re: Tripod - Check Luggage?

    Okay, if you're using a larger tripod (Bogen 3040 or "Chicago" Majestic) this works quite well. This is a surplus container from Desert Storm as near as I can tell. It was meant for some type of water filter element. I bought the first one for $35 and then picked this one up for $10 at a flea market. It's very tough...I weight 220 and jumped up and down on it, and it doesn't even flex!

    It will hold the 2 larger tripods above-if you remove the handles and store them in a bag inside. I've bolted a luggage handle from Ebay on the first one I bought and I've flown with it several times. The baggage handlers have yet to be able to tear it up!Click image for larger version. 

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