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... any other issues?
Thanks to my region, forest dew (condensation) is a greater nighttime challenge than homeless people or suspicious cops.

For example, in the Olympic mountains near the ocean, nighttime air grows chilly in humid air – where animals, so often active at night, consider me to be the homeless one visiting their habitat, and whose behavior to discourage trespassing on their territory often surprises me!

My cold glass and plastic surfaces collect droplets of water, which even join to form a film of water. Loupe, flashlight, ground glass, lens surfaces, film sheet – even the brass parts of my Tachi 4x5 can begin dripping. The longer I'm shooting, and the closer to dawn I am, the greater a problem it seems to be. Plastic bags, lens cloths, protection filters, and jerry-rigged overhead tarps have helped, but water and moisture are like thieves in the starlit night.