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    5x7 Lane Plates

    I'm liking the 5x7 so much I've not shot any 4x5 for a couple of weeks now. I'm getting consistent results in both exposure and processing too. I'm using a 1925 Korona, mostly because it's sturdy enough to hold my heavy lenses, and I also love the pretty wood. I used a couple of lenses here for the first time (because they would crush my little Chamonix.) First lens is a five pound c.1862 Voigtlander Petzval, 12 inch. It astonishes me I bought it for only $500--it's a tremendous lens! I used an f16 stop in it for 1 sec. exposure. Second lens was a c.1840s achromatic doublet landscape lens, 16 inch. Used the included washer stop on the front of the lens, f32 and 2 seconds. I've been practicing for the coming weekend. I'll be photo'ing Civil War re-enactors at Ft. Sisseton, South Dakota. Both of these lenses are quickly becoming favorites.

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