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Thread: Atlas BackPacks for 4x5

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    Re: Atlas BackPacks for 4x5

    Quote Originally Posted by CreationBear View Post
    "Root, hog, or die," I believe is the operative term here. For a Plan B, y'all might look into a low-profile 1500-2000 cu in daypack, and run it without a hip belt so you can slip it off and push it ahead of you when you get hung up. At any rate, rhododendrons I can abide, but with so many hemlocks coming down here in the Smokies, traversing some of my favorite brookie streams has become an exercise in negotiating quarter-mile sections of chevaux de fries.
    Atlas also makes a smaller pack that could be used for bushwacking trips, but I think the MRS would shoot me if I bring home another pack. I would also have to narrow down my lens choices and not carry some accessories, but I tend to use 65-90-135 lenses for most of my shots.
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    Re: Atlas BackPacks for 4x5

    Well, as mama always said, qui audet adipiscitur ... At any rate, I hope y'all will be finally stirring about once the weather turns a bit.

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    Re: Atlas BackPacks for 4x5

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Ruttenberg View Post
    Here i what I am getting in the near future for use with f-stop XL ICU
    Did you ever get you Exposure 5000. If so how is it working out for you?


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    Re: Atlas BackPacks for 4x5

    I love my F-Stop pack. Instead of using their ICUs, I use a Photo Backpacker backer board (fits perfectly) with four of their lens cases attached. I keep my Chamonix 4x5 in the padded case it came in and can carry 12 film holders in two Photo Backpacker cascading cases. All other goodies, including a reflex viewer, fit easily in the top compartment. Works very well.

    I do use an ICU for my RB67 kit, but not for LF.

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